Kia Rio: Blower Unit Components - Blower - Heating,Ventilation, Air Conditioning - Kia Rio UB 2012-2021 Service ManualKia Rio: Blower Unit Components

1. Blower Motor
2. Blower Fan
3. Clamp
4. NVH Pad
5. Connection Case
6. Cluster Ionizer (FATC only)
7. Intake Case (Left)
8. Intake Seal
9. NVH Pad
10. Intake Door
11. Climate Control Air Filter
12. Climate Control Air Filter Cover
13. Intake Case (Right)
14. Intake Actuator

Blower Unit Component Location

Blower Unit Replacement
1. Remove the heater & blower unit. (Refer to HA group - "Heater Unit") 2. Separate the blower unit from the heater unit a ...

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Operation and Leakage Check
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Water pump: Removal and Installation
Water Pump 1. Drain engine coolant.    System is under high pre ...

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