Kia Rio: Interior overview - Your vehicle at a glance - Kia Rio UB 2012-2020 Owners ManualKia Rio: Interior overview

1. Door lock/unlock button

1. Door lock/unlock button
2. Central door lock switch
3. Power window switches
4. Power window lock button
5. Outside rearview mirror control switch
6. Hood release lever
7. Fuel filler lid release lever
8. Trunk lid release lever (4 door)
9. Steering wheel
10. Steering wheel tilt control lever
11. Active ECO button
12. Instrument panel illumination control  switch
13. ESC OFF button
14. Heated steering wheel switch (if equipped)
15. Idle Stop and Go system OFF button
16. Fuse box
17. Brake pedal
18. Accelerator pedal

Exterior overview
1. Hood 2. Headlamp 3. Fog light 4. Tires and wheels 5. Outside rearview mirror 6. Sunroof 7. Wiper blade 8. Windows 9. Door 10. Fuel filler lid 11. Rear combination lamp 12. Tailgate ( ...

Instrument panel overview
1. Instrument cluster 2. Horn 3. Driver’s front air bag 4. Light control/Turn signals 5. Wiper/Washer 6. Ignition switch or ENGINE START/ STOP button 7. Hazard warning flasher switch 8. Audio ...

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