Kia Rio: Muffler: Removal and Installation - Intake And Exhaust System - Engine Mechanical System - Kia Rio UB 2012-2020 Service ManualKia Rio: Muffler: Removal and Installation

Disconnect the battery negative terminal.

Tightening torque
Without battery sensor :
7.8 ~ 9.8 N.m (0.8 ~ 1.0 kgf.m, 5.8 ~ 7.2 lb-ft)
With battery sensor :
4.0 ~ 6.0 N.m (0.4 ~ 0.6 kgf.m, 3.0 ~ 4.4 lb-ft)

Disconnect the rear oxygen sensor connector (A).

Remove the front muffler (A).

Tightening torque:
39.2 ~ 58.8 N.m (4.0 ~ 6.0 kgf.m, 28.9 ~ 43.4 lb-ft)

Remove the center muffler (A).

Tightening torque:
39.2 ~ 58.8 N.m (4.0 ~ 6.0 kgf.m, 28.9 ~ 43.4 lb-ft)

Remove the main muffler (A).

Installation is the reverse order of removal.

When installing, replace with new gaskets.
Replacement procedure of center muffler using clamp
Under warranty : Replace the center muffler assembly.
Out of warranty : It is available to replace the center muffler as the procedure below.
Check that the clamping part of the center muffler assembly is damaged or deformed.
If the muffler is too corroded to clamp, replace the center muffler assembly.

Record the gap (A, B, C, D, E, F) between the tail pipe (or tail trim) and the rear bumper.
[Pipe type]

[Trim type]

[Bumper-integrated trim type]

Remove the catalytic converter & center muffler (A).

Cut the center muffler as the instruction below.
[With dent]
Cut the front dent of the muffler.

[Without dent]
Cut the muffler by reffering to the front dent of A/S muffler as shown in the image below.

[A/S muffler]
Cut the rear dent of the A/S muffler.

To prevent a leak, remove the rust on the clamping part or the burr on the cutting part.
Cut the pipe vertically.

Pipe cutter available to cut the pipe vertically .

Use a hacksaw as the procedure below, if a pipe cutter is unavailable.
Mark the cutting position to cut the pipe vertically.

Cut the pipe along the marking line by using hacksaw.

Install the center muffler.
Install the catalytic converter (A) and the center muffler (B) for A/S by tightening the nuts lightly, not completely.

When installing the muffler, replace the gasket with new one.
Put the clamp (A) between the cutting part of each pipe and tighten the clamp lightly, not completely.

Tighten the catalytic converter and the center muffler with specified torque.

Tightening torque :
39.2~58.8 N.m (4.0 ~ 6.0 kgf.m, 28.9~43.4 lb-ft)

Compare the gap between the tail pipe(or tail trim) and the rear bumper with the record measured before removing the center muffler assembly.

If the tail pipe is installed differently compared to the initial position, the bumper might be damaged by the pipe heat or interfere between the tail pipe and the rear bumper.
Do not tighten the clamp at a time. Tighten the clamp nuts to the specified torque, by turns.

Tightening torque :
17.6~23.5 N.m (1.8 ~ 2.4 kgf.m, 13.0~17.4lb-ft)

Do not reuse the clamp that was tightened completely. It may cause leak to reuse the clamp that was tightened completely.
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