Kia Rio: Specification - Audio - Body Electrical System - Kia Rio UB 2012-2021 Service ManualKia Rio: Specification

Radio / MP3 / CD (PA30A)
Radio / MP3 / VCD (BA900/ UVO)
Power supply
DC 14.4V
Load Impedance
4Ω X 4
Tuning type
PLL synthesized type
Frequency range / Channel space
87.5~107.9 MHz / 200KHz
530~1710 KHz / 10KHz
80PF 75Ω
Dark current
Max. 1.0 mA (Head unit only)
Max. 3.0 mA (Head unit only)


Components Location
1. Audio unit 2. Tweeter speaker 3. Roof antenna (Radio + SDARS) 4. Antenna cable connector 5. Front door speaker 6. Rear door speaker 7. Antenna feeder cable ...

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