Kia Rio: Adjustment - Battery Sensor - Charging System - Engine Electrical System - Kia Rio UB 2012-2021 Service ManualKia Rio: Adjustment

Battery Sensor Recalibration Procedure
If disconnecting the negative (-) battery cable from the battery during repair work for the vehicle equipped with Alternator Managing System(AMS) function,
Battery sensor recalibration procedure should be performed after finishing the repair work.
Turn the Iginition switch ON and OFF.
Park the vehicle about 4 hours under below states.
Park the vehicle about 4 hours under below states.
Closing the hood, trunk, and all doors.
After 4 hours later, check whether the current datas are displayed normally or not using GDS.
Nominal capacity(AMS) = 45Ah [For Non-ISG type]
Nominal capacity(AMS) = 60Ah [For ISG type or Russia region]
State of Charge of Battery(AMS) = (0~100%)
State of Health of Battery(AMS) = (0~100%)
After cranking the engine 2 times or more, check "State of Function of Battery(AMS) =(0~12V)". [For ISG system only]

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Starting System

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