Kia Rio: Fail-Safe Mode - ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) System - Engine Control System - Engine Control / Fuel System - Kia Rio UB 2012-2019 Service ManualKia Rio: Fail-Safe Mode

ETC Motor
Throttle valve stuck at 7°
TPS 1 fault
ECM looks at TPS2
TPS 2 fault
ECM looks at TPS1
TPS 1,2 fault
Throttle valve stuck at 7°
APS 1 fault
ECM looks at APS 2
APS 2 fault
ECM looks at APS 1
APS 1,2 fault
Engine idle state

When throttle value is stuck at 7°, engine speed is limited at below 1,500rpm and vehicle speed at maximum 40 ~ 50 km/h (25 ~ 31 mph)
Schematic Diagram


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