Kia Rio: Interior Trim Components - Interior - Body (Interior and Exterior) - Kia Rio UB 2012-2020 Service ManualKia Rio: Interior Trim Components

[5 Door, 4 Door]

1 . Front pillar trim
2 . Center pillar upper trim
3 . Center pillar lower trim
4 . Rear pillar trim [5 Door]
5 . Front door scuff trim
6 . Rear door scuff trim
7 . Cowl side trim
8. Rear pillar trim [4 Door]
9. Rear wheel housing trim [4 Door]

Roof Trim Replacement
Sunvisor Replacement    Х Use a plastic panel removal tool to remove interior trip piec ...

Interior Trim Replacement
Door Scuff Trim Replacement    Х Put on gloves to protect your hands. ...

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