Kia Rio: Radiator: Specifications - Cooling System - Engine Mechanical System - Kia Rio UB 2012-2019 Service ManualKia Rio: Radiator: Specifications

Non - Air conditioning type
Air conditioning type
Fan type
Fan speed control
Resistor (On-Off)
Resistor (Hi-Low-Off)
Air flow rate [m³/h (yd³/h)]
1,650 (2,158) -10% min.
2,000 (2,616) -10% min.
Fan speed (rpm)
1,600 ±10%
2,000 ±10%
Current (A)
10.0 +10% max.
15.0 +10% max.

Radiator: Description
[Air conditioning type] The cooling fan operates in 2 stages (HIGH/LOW). The engine control module (ECM) controls the cooling fan according to the coolant temperature, vehicle speed and A ...

Radiator: Circuit Diagram

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