Kia Rio: Rear Door Components - Exterior - Body (Interior and Exterior) - Kia Rio UB 2012-2019 Service ManualKia Rio: Rear Door Components

1 . Rear door trim
2 . Rear door trim seal
3 . Rear door panel
4 . Rear door belt inside weatherstrip
5 . Rear door belt outside weatherstrip
6 . Rear door delta lower run & channel assembly
7 . Rear door window run & fixed glass
8. Rear door body side weatherstrip
9 . Rear door side weatherstrip
10 . Rear door hinge

Front Door Adjustment
Glass Adjustment    Х Check the glass run channel for damage or deterioration, and repl ...

Rear Door Replacement
Door Trim Replacement [5 Door]    Х Take care not to scratch the door trim and ot ...

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