Kia Rio: Rear Seat Components - Seat & Power Seat - Body (Interior and Exterior) - Kia Rio UB 2012-2021 Service ManualKia Rio: Rear Seat Components

[5 Door]

1. Headrest
2 . Headrest guide
3 . Webbing guide
4 . Rear latch knob
5 . Rear back knob bush
6 . Rear seat back silencer cloth
7 . Rear seat back pad
8 . Rear seat back cover
9 . Rear seat back latch cover
10 . Rear seat back frame assembly
11 . Rear seat back hinge assembly
12 . Rear seat cushion cover
13 . Rear seat cushion pad

[4 Door]

1. Headrest [LH]
2. Headrest [RH]
3. Headrest guide [LH]
4. Headrest guide [RH]
5. Rear seat back webbing guide [LH]
6. Rear seat back webbing guide [RH]
7. Rear latch knob [LH]
8. Rear back knob bush [LH]
9. Rear latch knob [RH]
10. Rear back knob bush [RH]
11. Rear seat back cover [LH]
12. Rear seat back silencer cloth [LH]
13. Rear seat back cover [RH]
14. Rear seat back silencer cloth [RH]
15. Rear seat back frame assembly [LH]
16. Rear seat back frame assembly [RH]
17. Rear seat cushion cover
18. Rear seat cushion frame assembly

Front Seat Replacement
   When removing or installing the front passenger seat, be sure to initialize the Weight ...

Rear Seat Replacement
Rear Seat Assembly Replacement 1. After loosening the mounting bolt, then remove the rear seat cushion (A). Tightening torque : ...

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