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If you install an aftermarket HID head lamp, your vehicles audio and electronic device may malfunction.



Your vehicle uses a roof antenna to receive both AM and FM broadcast signals. This antenna can be removed. To remove the antenna, turn it counterclockwise.To install the antenna, turn it clockwise.

CAUTION - Antenna

Before entering a place with a low height clearance or a car wash, remove the antenna by rotating it counter-clockwise. If not, the antenna may be damaged.

When reinstalling your antenna, it is important that it is fully tightened and adjusted to the upright position to ensure proper reception. But it could be removed when parking the vehicle.

Steering wheel audio control (if equipped)

Steering wheel audio control (if equipped)

The steering wheel audio control button is installed to improve convenience.

Do not operate the audio remote control buttons simultaneously.

VOLUME (+/-) (1)

MODE (3)

Press the button to select Radio or CD (compact disc).

MUTE (4)

SEEK/PRESET ( ) (2) /) (2)
) (2)

The SEEK/PRESET button has different functions base on the system mode. For the following functions the button should be pressed for 0.8 second or more.

RADIO mode

It will function as the AUTO SEEK select button.

CDP/USB/iPod mode

It will function as the FF/REW button. iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

If the SEEK button is pressed for less than 0.8 second, it will work as follows in each mode.

RADIO mode

It will function as the PRESET STATION select buttons.

CDP/USB/iPod mode

It will function as the TRACK UP/DOWN button.

Detailed information for audio control buttons is described in the following pages in this section.

Bluetooth Wireless Technology (if equipped)

You can use a compatible phone via using the Bluetooth Wireless Technology. Detailed information for the Bluetooth Wireless Technology is described in the Audio system section.

Aux, USB and iPod* (if equipped)

Aux, USB and iPod* (if equipped)

If your vehicle has an AUX and/or USB (universal serial bus) port or iPod port, you can use an AUX port to connect audio devices and an USB port to plug in an USB and also an iPod port to plug in an iPod.

When using a portable audio device connected to the power outlet, noise may occur during playback. If this happens, use the power source of the portable audio device.

How vehicle audio works

How vehicle audio works

AM and FM radio signals are broadcast from transmitter towers located around your city. They are intercepted by the radio antenna on your vehicle.

This signal is then received by the radio and sent to your vehicle speakers.

When a strong radio signal has reached your vehicle, the precise engineering of your audio system ensures the best possible quality reproduction.

However, in some cases the signal coming to your vehicle may not be strong and clear. This can be due to factors, such as the distance from the radio station, closeness of other strong radio stations or the presence of buildings, bridges or other large obstructions in the area.

AM broadcasts can be received at greater distances than FM broadcasts.

AM broadcasts can be received at greater distances than FM broadcasts.

This is because AM radio waves are transmitted at low frequencies.

These long, low frequency radio waves can follow the curvature of the earth rather than travelling straight out into the atmosphere. In addition, they curve around obstructions so that they can provide better signal coverage.

FM broadcasts are transmitted at high frequencies and do not bend to follow the

FM broadcasts are transmitted at high frequencies and do not bend to follow the earth's surface. Because of this, FM broadcasts generally begin to fade at short distances from the station. Also, FM signals are easily affected by buildings, mountains, or other obstructions. These can result in certain listening conditions which might lead you to believe a problem exists with your radio. The following conditions are normal and do not indicate radio trouble:

Satellite radio reception

You may experience difficulties in receiving SIRIUS satellite radio signals in the following situations.

There may be other unforeseen circumstances leading to reception problems with the SIRIUS satellite radio signal.

Using a cellular phone or a twoway radio

When a cellular phone is used inside the vehicle, noise may be produced from the audio system. This does not mean that something is wrong with the audio equipment. In such a case, use the cellular phone at a place as far as possible from the audio equipment.

WARNING - Cell phone use

Do not use a cellular phone while driving. Stop at a safe location to use a cellular phone.

Care of disc (if equipped)

✽ NOTICE - Playing an Incompatible Copy-Protected Audio CD

Some copy protected CDs, which do not comply with the international audio CD standards (Red Book), may not play on your car audio. Please note that if you try to play copy protected CDs and the CD player does not perform correctly the CDs maybe defective, not the CD player.


Order of playing files (folders) :

1. Song playing order :  sequentially. to
2. Folder playing order : sequentially.

2. Folder playing order :

❋ If no song file is contained in the folder, that folder is not displayed.

❋No   logo will be shown

❋No  if the Bluetooth Wireless Technology feature is not supported. logo will be shown
if the Bluetooth Wireless Technology feature is not supported.

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